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Frequently Asked Questions

You may find the answer to your question regarding AKCent Web down below in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Do I need any knowledge of Web Design to use the Self-Serve package?

An extensive knowledge of Web Design or Coding is not required to use the Self-Serve package; however, a basic understanding of WordPress and its functionality is recommended.

Does AKCent Web provide any images for my website?

No, all images, video and other media is to be provided by the user. There are numerous copyright free image resources on the web if you are having trouble finding the perfect photo!

Can I change my package if necessary?

If you need to change your selected website package at any point in time, please reach out to our support team through our contact form found above.

What is the difference between the Self-Serve and Managed package?

The Self-Serve package gives you the tools to build a simple, secure and professional website yourself. The Managed package has a team of AKCent Web experts do it for you.

Why is there no price for the Custom package?

The Custom package is the only offering from AKCent Web that allows for custom integration and design outside of what is offered within the provided template. Every custom package is unique to your specific needs.

I selected the Self-Serve package... where do I start?

The first step into Web Design is arguably the most important step. What is that step? Outline a goal for your site. What should your users do? Call? Buy? Read? Build around this goal.