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Do not take this decision lightly! The template will be the foundation of everything you build on your website.

The AKCent Web Template Portfolio

Browse the template portfolio we currently offer for your next website build. Templates are based off of the topic they were designed to service; however, do not let that stop you if you are not that business type! All templates are highly customizable. 

All AKCent Web site templates can be paired with any package desired. 

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Template Features

No matter the template you choose, there are features that come standard. What features are you getting with every AKCent Web site template? 

Templates Made Ready-to-Go For Businesses

The AKCent Web idea of a strong website presence is synonymous with achieving your ideal online goals. When you eliminate the superfluous content and the fancy coding, does the site provide a seamless experience for the intended user when their completing your intended goal? Meet AKCent Web

AKCent Web has created templates that are simple site templates that are made ready-to-go. Implement your brand, product and message and you’re live! These sites are made to compliment your off-site actions and be a proper digital landing page to move your customers further along the sales funnel.

User Interface

Every AKCent Web template has a seamless user interface experience to ensure you can build the perfect brand representation.

Point-and-Click Design

A basic understanding of WordPress and creative thinking is all it takes to bring your brand to life.

Instructional Written Copy

Forget “Lorem Ipsum,” all copy is filled in with instructions to eliminate the guess work of what content, where.

Real-Time Actions

Every action taken while building the site is represented in real-time to eliminate code confusion. 

Built-In Features

Every AKCent Web template has built-in conversion features to make your site the ultimate ROI tool.

Chat Bot

Instantly connect and convert your customers with built-in chat bot plugin functionality. 

Email Contact Form

Capitalize on the users who visit your site outside of of work hours with a functioning contact information gathering form.

SSL Certificate

Having a secure site will ensure your visitors safety when exchanging information and funds.

Accessibility Software

Completely integrated accessibility software that ensures positive user experience for those with disabilities.

Mobile Optimization

Every AKCent Web template is pre- optimized for mobile and includes additional tools to bring your brand to life on mobile browsing.

Responsive Design Elements

All design elements on the site are responsive – ensuring they properly scale up or down the display screen.

Integrated Display Tools

For those who want additional parameters of control, all elements are independently customizable to device.

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