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Form Questions?

Got a question about the Managed Clients – Data Submission form? Check below.

What if all of my business locations share the same phone number?

No worries! Simply enter the same phone number where the entry is required.

Will I get my desired custom domain?

If you currently do no own your desired custom domain, we will be able to purchase it for you – dependent on availability. If it is not available, we will provide similar alternative options.

What will my products/services be used for?

The showcase of 3,6 or 9 products & services will be used to replace content throughout the template. This will give visitors the opportunity to properly understand whether or not your business suits their needs. Therefore, please provide the products/services that best represent your business.

What if my media is in different file type than what is accepted?

Our file limitations are based on best web-practices and the capabilities of the simple site design. If this is not possible please bring this issue up with your account manager or complete a contact form!

What is the difference between the text and business phone numbers?

The business phone number will be used to direct customers on how they can contact your business. The text phone number will be used for SMS notifications from the integrated site chatbot.

What if I do not have a video for the site background?

If you not have a video, do not fret! The three image slider background is a great option as well. Simply select the “Image Slider” and upload your three desired background images.